Vedran Husić's poetry can be found in the following journals:

  • "The Ballad of Gavrilo Princip," "Tenebrae," Salamander Issue 43
  • "Emigrant Psalm," Silk Road Review, Issue 17
  • "Inaudible Incantations," Spillway, Issue 25
  • "Night Speech," Bridge on the Drina," Pleaides, Vol. 38, No. 1
  • "A Brief History of Southern Slavs," "The Sniper," Denver Quarterly, Vol. 52, No.1
  • "Teneral," Sugar House Review, Issue 16
  • "Liminal," "Dear Paul," "Postscript," New Madrid Journal, Vol. XIII, No. 1
  • "Mobilization, 1914," Blackbird, Forthcoming

                            "My poor tattered country. / My poor ragged tongue."